Taiwan Surf Spot - ChengGong, Taitung

Open: S

Swell: NE - E

Wind: NE (Offshore)

Type: Reef Break , Point Break

Bottom: Reef

Level: intermediate - pro​

Direction: Left-handed​​

ChengGong is one of the best waves in Taiwan, but it is not always breaking. The Epic left-handed barrelling 100 meter ChengGong wave only rolls in by particular conditions. Even with Typhoon or Strong NE Monsoon Swell, it needs NEE Swell to perform its best Shape, if the Swell come from E or SE, you may still get a chance, but it will be choppy. One good thing about this spot is during winter time the Strong NE wind picks up and destroy all the waves in the East Coast, this is the only place can turn the NE into offshore.

Watch out for the inside Shallow reef. Don't be greedy if you got a wave all the way into the harbor, kick out before it gets too shallow or you can get yourself a trophy pretty soon.

This place is not for beginners.

#Surf #EastCoast #Taitung

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