Surfing Taiwan has become as surfer's little secret and they are only willing to share it with best friends. This beautiful island used to be known as "Formosa" because the combination of amazing food, stunning nature environment, friendly vibe and unbelievable safety is just simply unreal. The warm water and the consistent chest to overhead high waves during the monsoon season(Oct ~ Apr) ensure that there will be no lack of waves. The Typhoon Swell brings the Epic Barrelling waves along East Taiwan during summer time(May ~ Sep). Taiwan have all-year-round surf with less crowd you've always dreaming about. Do come and join us discover the best waves and goods of East Taiwan!



Located in East of Taiwan, Taitung is the most consistent surf area in the country. Our Surf House is right in front of Jinzun Harbor, where the WSL QS event (Taiwan Open of Surfing) is held every November. You can simply walk to the nearest 3 main break within 5 mins.

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